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by 2:54
2:54 by 2:54
Released: May 2012
Label: Fat Possum Records
The sisters of 2:54 named their group after an exact moment in the Melvins song "A History of Bad Men." It's kind of a weird homage, especially for siblings playing gothic shoegaze rock, but it makes you more aware of those crucial subtleties that can make a track come alive. Like the juxtaposition of wobbly guitar and foreboding drones on "A Salute," the reverberating riffs washing over militaristic beats on "Circuitry," or the Siouxsie-like drawl and harmony on "Sugar." Produced by PJ Harvey alum Rob Ellis, their debut is a refreshing revival of the gloomier side of the '80s and '90s.
Stephanie Benson