Dean Brody


Dean Brody grew up at the edge of the Canadian Rockies in Jaffray, British Columbia, where he spent much of his youth fishing and hunting. He picked up a guitar in his teens and played when he could, but after taking a job at a sawmill at the age of 16, Brody didn't find much spare time for music. So, in 2004, he packed up and moved to Nashville, where he eventually got a job in music publishing. After two years, neither Brody's contract nor his green card were renewed, so he packed his family back up and moved home. Out of a job and with a family to support, Brody decided to forgo music and get a job in the mines. He called up producer Matt Rovey to tell him the news, but Rovey had news of his own: Keith Stegall of Broken Bow wanted to sign him. Brody and his family immediately headed back to Nashville. In early 2009, he released the heart-wrenching single, "Brothers," which charted in both the U.S. and Canada. His self-titled debut subsequently released in April 2009.
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