Blodsvept by Finntroll
Released: Apr 2013
Label: Century Media
A decade and a half on, Finland's original troll-metal woodsmen are still foraging beneath the billy-goat bridge for goofy ways to twist their inebriated humppa-folk: hee-hawing hoedowns, tooting pirate chanteys, sci-fi/spy/Munsters themes. "Rösets Kung" gets an almost big-band jump-blues bounce going, with who knows what playing horn charts; "Två Ormar" lets Twilight Zone keyboards spiral out of a grumbly Iron John circle dance; last call for alcohol "Midvinterdraken" is all sloshed Tom Waits/Kurt Weill cabaret rhythm. Other parts cross Entombed, Gogol Bordello and early Butthole Surfers.
Chuck Eddy
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