One of the most lyrically dangerous and sonically frenzied crews around, Killarmy first appeared in 1996 with the release of their "Camouflage Ninjas" single. They followed it up with "Wu-Renegades" and then released their brilliant 1997 debut Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars. Fueled by 4th Disciple's startlingly original production, the six-man, Wu-affiliated demolition team displays a distinct style all their own. Military imagery dominates, from camouflage-clad album cover shots to samples from Full Metal Jacket and M*A*S*H. Razor-sharp flows stun listeners with graphic battlefield descriptions and terrorist plots. Helicopters and missiles fly overhead, turning stereos into fire-strewn killing fields. Subsequent work, such as their sophomore album Dirty Weaponry, continues the war-torn theme, though it's slightly mellower than their first effort.
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