N.A.S.A. Some think it stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration, but for DJs Zegon and Squeak E. Clean, it stands for North America/South America, and it represents a continental reunification project of the highest order. The group, comprising professional skater Ze Gonzales and Sam Spiegel (director Spike Jonze's brother), formed around a shared love for classic Brazilian funk. For years the duo went crate-digging together, recording friends and acquaintances along the way and generally having fun. The recordings would ultimate coalesce into the N.A.S.A. project, which saw the duo providing the beats for a mind-blowing array of unlikely collaborations they'd forged over the years. It was a fine inspiration, though by the time their 2009 debut rolled around, much of the South American influence had evaporated under the top-heavy roster of indie and rap stars.
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