by Pixies
Ep2 by Pixies
Released: Jan 2014
Label: Pias America
The temptation to hate the post-Kim Deal Pixies is understandable. But if you're an old fan and you're honest with yourself, then you should love "Snakes," one of their catchiest songs ever, every bit as euphoric and harmonically jagged as "Wave of Mutilation" or "Debaser" or whatever classic you want to stack it up against. Sure, EP2 could be weirder and could use a woman's touch, but it crunches and sticks in your craw, and only the AC/DC-damaged "Blue Eyed Hexe," which rips off screams from Dave Grohl, should actually weird out old fans. What's this band for if not weirding people out?
Dan Weiss


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