Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein by Prodigy (of Mobb Deep)
Released: Jun 2013
Label: Infamous Records
Why do Prodigy and Alchemist always sound good together? As a soloist, Prodigy often stumbles as he grasps at street-rap fads, but when he collaborates with Alchemist, he reverts to the Queensbridge lyrical murderer we know and love. So you could argue that Albert Einstein's impressive consistency is due to Al's ability to conjure thug-rap dread, from the MPC stutters on "Give Em Hell" to the smoothed-out '80s R&B of "Breeze." But give Prodigy credit, too, for a cold, heartless flow that shines on tracks like "Confessions." However these guys do it, they've delivered another winner.
Mosi Reeves
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