Bearing plenty of sonic similarities to neo-radio metal big shots Nickelback (albeit with more crunch) and a knack for choruses almost as catchy as main influence Nirvana, Seether formed in South Africa in 1999. Wind-Up Records signed them within a year of their storming the charts in their homeland; released their debut, Disclaimer, in 2002; and sent them out on a series of lengthy tours. A remix of that album, Disclaimer II, turned up in 2004, and Karma and Effect followed in 2005. In 2007, the quintet released Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces. They play metal-pop with some tasty guitars and ties to the heydays of grunge that seem to grow stronger with each release. Even singer Shaun Morgan's lyrics reflect the introspection of those times, using his struggles with substances and his former relationship with Evanescence singer Amy Lee as subject matter for some of their better songs (see their first single, "Fine Again").
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