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About this playlist

After punk did its best to create a musical tabula rasa, the artists who arose amid the post-punk movement had to start stitching things back together from scratch. Everything from free jazz to psychedelia found its way into the post-punk melting pot, and one of the busiest branches on the family tree was the one that merged punk fervor with funk grooves. By the early '80s, punk-funk was exploding everywhere from London to New York, blurring musical and cultural borders by showing rockers it was okay to dance, and bringing club kids into the rock venues. About 20 years later, a new crew of beat-minded bands started bringing the punk-funk feel back into focus -- a good idea never gets old. From the originators (Gang of Four, James Chance) to the disciples (The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem), here's an eminently danceable dip into the punk-funk pool, offering edge, atmosphere and that all-important groove in equal amounts.

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