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by Justin Farrar

March 31, 2014

Classic Rock Workout: Big Riffs

by Justin Farrar  |  March 31, 2014

I love jazz, folk music and classical as much as the next sap. But when it comes time to hit the gym (sweating bullets, pumping iron, fumbling with the elliptical interface) I don't want to hear any of that mushy stuff. What I instead want piped into my ears -- at deafening volume, mind you -- is one thing and one thing only: classic rock. In fact, I've been known to actually unleash air riffs while running on the treadmills at the local YMCA. My wife thinks I am a class-A dork and sasses me nonstop about such public buffoonery. But hey, it seems like a perfectly reasonable reaction when, at the very moment my legs and lungs crave an extra shot of sonic adrenaline if they're to conquer that final mile, "Eye of the Tiger" or "Runnin' with the Devil" violently bursts forth from the earbuds. In addition to these riff-ragers, my killer workout mix contains such bruisers as "Start Me Up," "You Really Got," "Crazy Train," "Paranoid" and "Purple Haze." It also contains Mountain's "Mississippi Queen," whose ridiculously titanic cowbell sounds fantastic when those swinging kettle bells are on the verge of ripping your arms from their sockets. Suit up. Turn it up. Get ripped!

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