Classical Remix: Vivaldi's Seasons

Classical Remix: Vivaldi's Seasons


by Seth Colter Walls

Welcome to Rhapsody's Classical Remix Portal, which you can follow here. In every playlist, we present classical works in their original forms. Then, after each one is over, we give you an upstart musician's rethink.

Tired of Vivaldi's Four Seasons? Try breaking up the uber-familiar "Spring," "Summer," "Autumn" and "Winter" works with "recompositions" of each, presented by electronic-adjacent composer Max Richter on his 2012 album. The remixed versions -- which also feature live instrumentation -- are at once fresh and familiar-sounding.

Instead of running the versions back-to-back in full, our appended playlist is programmed so that each original Vivaldi season is followed by Richter's remixed version. So if you've never given yourself license to enjoy Vivaldi's warhorses, perhaps because they're so omnipresent, maybe knowing that someone like Richter can still turn a new trick with them will keep you from thinking that the music is all played out.

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