Happy Frankenstein Friday!

Did you know that, at 19 years old, Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein as part of a contest between her circle of friends to see who could write the best horror story? No one could have guessed back in 1818, when the story was first published, that Frankenstein's monster would become such an iconic Halloween character. Since then, Hollywood has put its own stamp on the sewn-together one, transforming the intelligent, articulate and somewhat jaundiced monster in the book to the more familiar green grunter with more brawn than brains.

Frankenstein's monster has become such a fixture around Halloween that it now has its own "holiday": The Friday before Halloween has come to be known as Frankenstein Friday.

To mark the occasion, we've put together this playlist of monster-esque songs, from the Edgar Winter Group's "Frankenstein" to Bruce Springsteen's "Spare Parts" to Paramore's "Monster."

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