Las Vegas' Music Scene

In keeping with Las Vegas' clashing over-culture of cheap thrills and expensive stakes, the city's musical history is a blinding-lights mishmash of some of the most in-your-face, crass sounds of all time. It includes everything from the hyperactive punk scene that spawned both Panic! at the Disco's amorphous pop and the dive-destroying Peccadilloes, to pop as slick as The Cab's "Angel with a Shotgun" and as down-and-out and well crafted as Jenny Lewis' rockabilly "See Fernando." It's no surprise that the arena-sports bangers "Busy Child" and "Name of the Game" by The Crystal Method originated here, as well as The Killers' widescreen pop nostalgia on "Jenny Was a Friend of Mine" and the blown-out hometown tribute "Sam's Town." Vegas is also where Elvis established a musical residency after his 1968 comeback special; the period began with "Trouble" and tumbled to his last major hit with the decidedly darker (and gorgeous) "Suspicious Minds." It's amazing that this city spawned Ne-Yo, one of modern R&B's more polite men, though he's well compensated for by early '90s pop metal tail-riders Slaughter and recent doom thrashers Demon Lung. Viva Las Vegas!

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