Leftfield Dance Picks, June 2013

Last week we tackled the month's big-tent EDM, and this week we turn our attentions once again to the shadowy corners of the club -- as well, perhaps, as the catacombs snaking underneath. As you might guess from titles like Boards of Canada's "Reach for the Dead," Mount Kimbie's "Sullen Ground" and Safety Scissors' "Somnambulance," skulking supplants actual dancing when it comes to many of our selections; even Kode9's "Uh," a hard-charging take on U.K. funky, has a nervous, nail-bitten energy that sets it apart from your average club banger. Mathew Jonson and Head High supply the requisite dose of "proper" techno and house, while Sally Shapiro delivers a sunny electro-pop song with what's surely one of the season's best titles: "This City's Local Italo Disco DJ Has a Crush on Me." And we wrap it all up with brain-bending takes on soul from Thundercat, Ras G and Theo Parrish.

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