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by Rachel Devitt

July 18, 2013

Modern Pop Anthems

by Rachel Devitt  |  July 18, 2013

You know those songs that just hit you right in the gut and the heart with the kind of fist-pumping, foot-stomping, inspirational, motivational get-up-and-go that makes you want to get, like, an arena full of people together and sing along in unison like some vast, world-changing, pop-music-drunk army? Those songs are what we're calling pop anthems, and today's charts are jam-packed full of 'em. We're not sure what's behind this culturally: Are we on the verge of a '60s-esque revolutionary moment? Are we as a people feeling particularly ... unified lately? Or did a bunch of pop stars just decide we all needed to come together and light a big fire under our behinds? Whatever the reason, everyone from fun. to Macklemore to 2 Chainz has been churning out the sing-along-able, march-along-able anthems lately. Get your fist ready to pump to our playlist full of them.

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