Producers Corner AraabMUZIK

by Rhapsody TV

Welcome to Producers Corner, our new video series in which we grill our favorite producers about their mysterious craft while following them around their natural habitat: the studio, of course. So far we've talked to folks like wily Renaissance man Andrew W.K., M.I.A. cohort Zakee and indie-rock kingpin John Vanderslice. Today, we chat with hip-hop wunderkind AraabMUZIK, fleet-fingered master of the MPC sampler, who's worked with Cam'ron, 50 Cent and other big names in addition to putting out his own album, 2011's Electronic Dream. He talks about how many beats he makes a day (about a dozen) and his advice for aspiring producers (spoiler alert: It's "Be yourself"). Nice watch, too! It's all brought to you by ASUS and Intel. Enjoy.

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