Radio: '90s Hits

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by Rachel Devitt

The "Rachel" cut. Flannel. Wonderbras. Roller blades. Seinfeld. Beverly Hills 90210. The birth of grunge, the aging of New Jack Swing, the rise to power of both gangsta rap and backpacker-hop, the (hostile?) takeover of the charts by boy bands and Brit-Brit. And the divas: Alanis! Lauryn! Mariah! Celine! Oh, the '90s. So ... cute, weren't they? Relive all your guilty pleasures -- and hey, stop feeling guilty about them, why don't you? We've got plenty of good reasons for a trip down memory lane on our '90s Hits radio station. Dig into the wide, eclectic range of pop music at the end of the 20th century.