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by Chuck Eddy

May 28, 2012

Radio: Fury

by Chuck Eddy  |  May 28, 2012

One of the heaviest paradoxes of heavy metal is that it's simultaneously committed to both stubborn tradition and to constant change -- more, perhaps, than any other guitar-bound genre -- and that conflicted stance is one of the things that makes metal worth banging one's brainbox to. So when Rhapsody brands its Fury radio station as being dedicated to "modern metal's sharp edge," that doesn't mean it entirely ignores the past. Of all Rhapsody's metal stations, this is the one where you'll most likely hear metal in its more "extreme" forms, whether from now-venerable legacy teams like Slayer, Ministry, Helmet, White Zombie, Clutch and Godflesh or from the big guns of 21st Century death metal (melodic and otherwise), doom, thrash, stoner rock and metalcore.

You'll hear Mastodon, Lamb of God, Gojira, High On Fire, Toxic Holocaust, As I Lay Dying, Five Finger Death Punch, Nachtmystium, Saviours, Every Time I Die, Dillinger Escape Plan, Municipal Waste, Warbringer -- you get the idea, right? You'll also hear bands from the more vociferous sectors of contemporary terrestrial rock radio -- Hollywood Undead, Killswitch Engage, Machine Head, Devil Wears Prada -- back-to-back with occult cult acts Ghost, Blood Ceremony, Christian Mistress and Electric Wizard. Not to mention the old folks in Heaven & Hell, and both Behold! The Monolith and Behold... The Arctopus. Prepare for your ears to bleed.


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