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Stage Your Own Rom-Com

Stage Your Own Rom-Com

by Rachel Devitt  |  February 6, 2012

Stage Your Own Rom-Com

In case you hadn't heard, a certain love-obsessed holiday is nearly upon us. Have you made a dinner reservation yet? Ordered flowers? You HAVEN'T?!

Just kidding -- we haven't either -- but we got you covered. This year, instead of renting or going out to see a romantic movie, we had a brilliant idea: Let's all stage our own romantic comedy -- or rom-dram, or tearjerker, or whatever your pleasure (or level of relationship seriousness, or dysfunction). In that interest, we've created the perfect soundtrack for it: a collection of the sweetest, most sensitive, most sweepingly dramatic, sexiest, sappiest love songs EVER. (That's right: EVER.) Throw it on and get to work planting engagement rings in soufflés or reconnecting with your childhood sweetheart or accidentally dating your best friend's sister without realizing it or whatever your rom-com cliché of choice. Or, you know, just play this while you make dinner for your sweetie (bo-ring). Happy Valentine's Day!


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