Songs Inspired by 'Gravity'

When you're a hardcore music fan, everything reminds you of a song -- particularly when you're watching a dialogue-light movie like Gravity. Since space is essentially silent, Steven Price's unusually abstract and atmosphere-rich score suggests the sound effects we wouldn't otherwise hear. But between his rumbles and crashes, it's hard not to fill in the blanks with your own favorite space songs: If you're familiar with David Bowie's "Space Oddity," for example, it's nearly impossible to not play it in your mind while Sandra Bullock and George Clooney drift about.

We've assembled a playlist featuring that classic as well as others evoked by the film. We had to dig a little deeper to evoke Bullock's character, but have done so via songs like "Sally Ride," Janelle Monáe's tribute to the first female astronaut. Be sure to fasten your seatbelts!