Stripped Down in a Yurt: Dum Dum Girls,"Coming Down"

by Rhapsody TV

With the release of Dum Dum Girls' new album, Too True, we decided to unearth this video from our vaults. Here, we look back at our trip to the Pacific Northwest's four-day bacchanal known as Sasquatch, where we sponsored a cantina, gave away tons of free stuff, and let our cameras roll. Thus we present Stripped Down in a Yurt -- that's right, a yurt, a teepee-like structure just off the festival grounds where we spirited performers to play acoustic versions of their sweet, sweet jams. This installment features the warm-fuzzy pop rockers doing a decidedly warm but markedly less fuzzy version of "Coming Down." Please make sure to check out their other yurt performance of "Mine Tonight."

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