The Year in Bieber

Justin Bieber recently announced his retirement, but anyone who saw the dedication and studio perfectionism that the 19-year-old showed in his recent documentary, Justin Bieber's Believe, would find that hard to, well, believe. And while 2013 didn't see the new album that fans had hoped for, it did give us "Music Mondays," the Kanye-esque release schedule in which Justin released new tracks every week from October 7 through December 9. These songs, on the whole, pushed his sound deeper into contemporary hip-hop and R&B with guest appearances by artists like Future, Lil Wayne and Chance the Rapper. Here, we've compiled those releases in a single playlist, and placed them alongside other 2013 Bieber tracks such as's "#ThatPower" and his own remix to Sage the Gemini's "Gas Pedal."

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