Vampiros, Chupacabras and Fantasmas: A Latin American Halloween

Although Halloween as we know it in the United States isn't celebrated to the same degree in the rest of the world, the holiday is starting to gain ground in Latin America, with kids dressing up and trick-or-treating everywhere from Colombia to Mexico. And why not? A strong foundation for the holiday already exists. First and foremost, there's Dia de los Muertos, in which families and friends gather to commemorate departed loved ones with eating, drinking, music and general fiesta-making. It's a joyous occasion, of course, but still one in which the ghosts or souls of the departed are said to walk the earth again.

If you want real creepy stuff, however, look no further than the creepy creatures of Latin myth and legend: vampiros, fantasmas, diablitos and, creepiest of all, chupacabras, aka vampire goats. Lucky for you, we've got a playlist full of them. Turn out the lights and get your horror-movie scream ready as we unveil the scariest playlist in EspaƱol you're likely to find!

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