Why Rhapsody?
Unlimited music, unlimited listening possibilities. Here are just a few reasons to sing out loud.

Gigantic music catalog

Load up on new releases, obscure album cuts and everything in between. Try us, we have just about any song.

Search the catalog

Endless listening

There are no limits to how much music you play. Listen to the same song over and over or play a new song from every genre.

Stream and download

Stream music when you're connected and download music when you don't have a connection.

Ad free

Ads bug, and unlike our competitors we don't play them. Make any moment that much better with pure music.


Hear artist interviews and read reviews from our acclaimed music editors. Follow members with similar music tastes and find new artists.

Your music, your way

Build playlists of your favorite artists or kick back and listen to Rhapsody Radio. Listen to what you want, when you want.


Want a great mix of music, with one click? Just listen to a station based on a specific artist, a genre, or a theme. There are no ads, no DJs - just non-stop music.

Click to Play

Whether you're listening on your computer, your stereo system or a mobile device - all you have to do is click Play. You won't pay per song or store files.

Parental Controls

When you set Parental Controls, albums that are flagged as Explicit or Parental Advisory by the record label will be filtered out or password protected.


Own it! Millions of songs are available for you to buy and download at our MP3 store.


Build your Rhapsody library by matching music from your iTunes or hard drive. You'll have all of your music in one place and it's accessible on a multitude of devices. (Coming soon!)


Wondering what's hot? Check the charts. You'll see what other Rhapsody members are listening to right now - by artist, album or song.

Connect and Share

Create a profile, connect with Facebook friends and follow other Rhapsody members. It's a great way to find new artists and show off your taste in music.

New Releases every Tuesday

Be the first to hear. We add new albums to the catalog weekly, and if it's a hot new release, we add them the day they hit the stores.

Staff Picks

Our music experts take you where no fan has gone before with exclusive interviews, playlists and reviews. Our editors publish a new list of recommended albums weekly.

Artist and Album Info

The catalog isn't just music; it's also chock-full of bios, trivia and reviews. Read up on your favorites while you listen, you may learn something new about the artists you've always loved.

My Music

Create your own playlists to play on and offline for road trips, the gym, BBQs and more. Discover new music by following people with similar music tastes.

Your own URL

Tag your emails with a link to your music profile. With your own URL you can share your music picks to friends near and far.

My Library

Save music in your library for easy access. Think of it as the shortcut to your favorite artists and albums from wherever you sign in to Rhapsody.

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